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I came up with the hardest question ever:
If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life, which would it be?
You can’t find out what’s happened in other tv shows either but the TV show you pick will never end or be cancelled.

You clearly have not had Breaking Bad in your life if you think this is a hard question.

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the cha and an ox in dallas (i’m surprised he wasn’t scared shitless like he usually would be)

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130523 Yoongi’s tweets: “Ah, we finished the practice late at night and I’m bored, I gotta tease Jimin eungkyakya~ I want to make of Jimin a giant, so that Jimin becomes a giant who has strong muscular abs so I can ride in his back and go for a walk outside. Now I won’t be scared of the donkeys in case they want to hit me.” for sugafuck ♡ trans

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잊고 싶은 것들이 잊지 말아야 할것
The things that we want to forget are the things we shouldn’t forget
(Do not forget the things that you want to forget)
Translation: hyojeongz@icaruswalks.com/wannabe@icaruswalks.com

reason for two translations: Tablo’s blonotes are very delicate and unique, for some it may be difficult to understand and since our translations are retranslated into other languages some features/meanings may be lost, to try to keep the meaning intact there are two translations to greater emphasise the meaning / give clearer understanding.

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Good Morning Freedom
Blue Mink

2x09 “4 Days Out”